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Security in all forms.

We offer a wide variety: Hidden information, holographic,
to moisture and heat indicating inks to void and
destructible materials.

Our labels are:
  • SECUREX DESTRUCT: Polyethylene with properties that allow easy destruction
  • SECURE SILVER VOID: Metabolised polyester film which becomes permanently non-functional after removal is attempted
  • Destruct if removed
  • Tamper evident and Void

Please contact us directly for information on our high security features as these are confidential and cannot be published.

Counterfeiters and thieves detach labels from original products and use them again for faked products. This exposes the manufacturer to high safety risks.


To avoid both the re-labeling of packaging and the alteration of variable data special void effects are required to be integrated into labeling solutions for manufacturing industries whilst still proving traceability and production data.








Tamper evident labels provide easy and effective protection against tampering with which manufacturers can safeguard their products from misuse and inferior products inside original packaging.


Security labels include destructible base materials, holographic images or security inks providing information on temperatures or moisture.





Dynamic ID Systems offers a complete line of custom solutions used in a wide range of applications from tamper evident materials to high security bespoke marking including automatic, real-time application of date and serial numbers on primary packages.

Our industry experience and team of engineers combine to ensure your system performs efficiently in your production environment.