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  • CP1106 is a premium Polyamide coated nylon taffeta care label designed to be printed by Thermal Transfer.
  • It has a high quality smooth surface guaranteed printable on both sides using a care label resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons and will withstand washing up to 95°C and dry cleaning.
  • It has a flame resistant coating conforming to industry standards for automotive and aviation applications. It can be printed also by flexographic processes.
  • Dependent on printer used.

Description and Specification

Composition: Nylon
Colours: White
Material: 120micron 15micron
Thickness: 10micron
Coat Weight: 76g/m² ± 5-3
Core diameters available: 40,50,76,102mm
Optimum printable speed: Up to 100mm/sec


  • BS EN ISO 105-D01: 1995 Colour fastness to dry cleaning
  • BS EN ISO 105-C06: 1997 Colour fastness to washing
  • BS 5742:1989 Colour fastness to washing
  • FMVSS 302 Flame retardency for Automotive Industry
  • CAA Flame retardency for Aviation industry
  • FAR/JAR Part 25 app F Flame retardency for Aviation industry

Application and use

  • General Care labelling
  • Motor Industry labelling
  • Aviation Industry labelling

Storage and Recommendations

  • Avoid high temperature and humidity. Sore away from bright sunlight.
  • 24 month shelf life.

Conversion Printing

  • Termal trans printer.
  • Ribbon: