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Plant it, grow it, pack it and sell it.

From animal foods to sawmills, we have labels and tags for
outdoor applications that is both durable and moisture proof

Our labels are:
  • DAKUZA TAG’S: Wood free coated board for economical tag applications.
  • DURA TYVEK: Tear resistant spun bonded olefin for horticultural labels and tags .

Find the right label in our DURAFLEX, DURATAG and PAPER Products for box labelling.

Sew in or hang on tags from board to plastics to mark ingredients in dusty dirty environments


Fetilisers contain nutrients which can be ‘macronutrients’ – because these are needed in greater quantities – such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulphur and magnesium or ‘micronutrients’ such as zinc, copper, iron, boron, and molybdenum because they are needed in smaller quantities.
Marking, tracking and batch coding the bagged or packed product in this production environment requires well built/durable printing equipment and label materials.

Legislation in the animal feed industry requires that producers clearly mark all bags


Legislation in the animal feed industry requires that producers clearly mark all bags with identifiers containing information regarding ingredients including antibiotics or any additives.
These labels are often sewn onto bags in dusty Silo environments and must withstand weather and transportation conditions.

From potato to strawberry or maize agricultural products need labels or tags


Traceability of fruit is not only legislated but also imperative for the marketing and export of fresh produce, to track the product from origin or grower to final distribution to supermarkets globally creating unique challenges in packing houses. Speed and reliability of labeling is essential.

Waterproof and UV resistant labels for description, price and sell by dates


Growers of nursery plants need identifiers to market and sell plants through retail outlets and provide traceable information of origin and planting instructions. Tags and labels need to adhere and remain intact through the entire supply chain.
Forestry seedlings need to be identified and tracked for growth and diseases and need to withstand weather conditions over long periods of time. Labels with the producer’s logo’s are available for flowers, ground covers, herbs and vegetables.

Moisture and UV stable and self adhesive labels and tags to mark timber


Large labels with perforated sections for warehouse and delivery stock control are needed to identify pallets of cut timber.
When the timber is used for furniture, flooring or cabinet manufacturing, barcodes follow the trail. As boards are cut into components and assembled into finished products, traceability of workmanship, pricing, care information or shipping information is needed.



Duratag’s log tags are made of a cross woven synthetic plastic material printed in various colours, and stapled in the forest to the cut logs. These labels are numerically sequenced and barcoded. Tags are UV proof, waterproof, tear resistant, solvent resistant and designed to survive in the harsh, rugged environment of a forest.
Duratag also produces self tying tags, plain or printed full colour, made of Duratag/Tyvek and ideal for thermal and dot matrix printers. The tags can also be written on with permanent pens and BH pencils.

Duratag labels are ideal for harsh conditions, difficult silo environments and traceability.