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Bake it, freeze it or sterilise it.

Cost effective labels and barcode solutions for steamy
hot or freezing cold or moist environments

Our labels are:    
  • DURAFLEX AGRI: Meets the FDA 175.105 requirements for direct contact with dry and moist non fatty food stuffs.
  • DURAFLEX ICE: Polypropylene film that can sustain temperatures from -5 degrees.
  • DURATAG FILM: Hight tear resistant material for tie on tags for food stuff and cold conditions which is also used in fisheries and butcheries. 

Find the right label in our: DURAFLEX and PAPER product group


The food industry, which includes dairy, meat, poultry and bakery products, is highly regulated. The industry is required to keep track of a lot of information about products to ensure they are safe, handled correctly and comply with both local and international regulations.


Our printers can apply labels on the fly on any shape container  


Labeling dairy products is especially demanding. Fast changing package designs, food compliance requirements, short shelf life of products, traceability and the need for equipment to operate in harsh condensation, like wet wash areas, sterilization stations, and cold or humid conditions all create problems.

Our labels and printer are designed to function in hot, dry or humid conditions  


Production in the baking operation is a process which requires constant, smooth running.

From the sea to the table, our labels and integrated printers can track and trace produce  


The meat, poultry and fishing industry is tough on equipment, and operates under harsh environments such as cold temperatures and wet conditions, while still demanding high output speeds and traceability.
Increasing regulation, food safety issues, traceability and customer demands means that coding and labeling systems need to be able to perform consistently.
High quality, accurate codes to meat, poultry and fish products reduces product spoils.


With many years’ experience working with some of the most demanding meat, poultry and fishing companies, Dynamic ID Systems has solutions designed for your industry and has the nationwide service support to keep everything running efficiently.

Our continued research, innovation and expertise, as well as an understanding of the important issues food manufacturers face, allow us to offer products and solutions to meet your specific needs.

Dynamic ID Systems has a range of labeling and marking solutions that enables safe and reliable identification on a wide range of substrates in the most demanding food processing environments.

Having the right equipment designed to meet the demands of food processing ensures maximum uptime and productivity.