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Labels for oily, greasy and harsh environments.

We have label materials for under bonnet applications,
engine parts, seat belts and tyres

Our labels are:
  • DURAFLEX ECO: UV resistant and long lasting.
  • Resistant to oils, chemicals and cleaning agents
  • DURAFLEX ICE Resistant to oils, chemicals and cleaning agents
  • DURAFLEX WHITE: Polyester materials with excellent dimensional stability and service temperature from -40 – 50 degrees.
  •  Resistant to oils, chemicals and cleaning agents,weather proof and  UV proof.  
  • DURAFLEX METALISED: Polyester materials with excellent dimensional stability and service temperature from -40 – 50 degrees. Resistant to oils, chemicals and cleaning agents,weather proof and  UV proof.  
  • DURAFLEX GROUP: Labels are resistant to car fluids, acids and solvents

Find the right label in our DURAFLEX and PAPER product group

Specialised adhesive to adhere to rubber to track new and used tyresManufacturers across various industries must identify parts, cartons, pallets, and shipments.

Labeling and barcoding needs to be applied on various substrates from metal to paper, plastics and films onto products and packaging without sacrificing line speeds.

2D codes are becoming an industry standard and are required by many industry compliance mandates for permanent identification, traceability requirements and quality control.

Industrial packing for boxes indicate manufacturing dates and batchesWorking conditions include condensation, exposure to chemicals and solvents and adhesion to rough, dirty, rusty, or oily surfaces. Maximum efficiency requires quick change-overs, fully integrated workflow systems and minimum downtime on production downtime.

Automotive packaging for product marking use instructions and barcode tracking

Dynamic ID Systems offers a complete line of solutions used in a wide range of applications from case marking to automatic, real-time application of date and serial numbers on primary packages. Our industry experience and team of engineers combine to ensure your system performs efficiently in your production environment.

Dynamic ID Systems has solutions for high efficiency label application in either inline or stand alone systems with high speed capabilities. Our service department offers electrical, aircraft and aerospace wire and cable labels to meet tough MIL-STD and other specifications with identification systems to identify anything from tiny electronic components to major assemblies including durable labels for Unique Identification (UID) on parts & components.