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A8+ for pallet and drum labeling

Operated in stand alone mode, a PC application or connected to
a network, this is the widest printer available in the market place .

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The variables
The wide variety of the A+ series matches its versatility in operation. The A+ label printer is available in print widths ranging from 4mm to 216mm. This enables the production of extremely narrow and very wide labels with an excellent print resolution of 200, 300 and 600 dpi. The print speed ranges from 100 to 250mm/s depending on the model you choose, ensuring faster throughput times and thus lower process costs!
The all rounders
The A+ series is ideal for solving practically any marking task. With a broad range of peripherals, accessories and software, our printers can be adapted to meet any requirements. During development, we focused first and foremost on simple and convenient operation coupled with high reliability.

The printing units and housing are made of high-quality materials and are perfectly matched. The A+ series is always a safe option–for stand-alone operation in conjunction with PC/labels software or for network operation linked with SAP.
The sleek one
For small labels with high printing accuracy

1.1 Label printer A2+
Printable resolution dpi 300 600
Print width up to mm 54.2 57
Print speed up to mm/s 150 100

The all-purpose one
Top-selling industrial device with high printing accuracy. Extensive range of accessories included.

1.2 Label printer A4+
Printable resolution dpi 203 300 600
Print width up to mm 104 105.6 105.6
Print speed up to mm/s 250 250 100

The wide one
Ideal for Odette- and UCC labels

1.3 Label printer A6+
Printable resolution dpi 203 300
Print width up to mm 168 162.6
Print speed up to mm/s 200 200

The extra wide one
For pallet and and barrel labels

1.4 Label printer A8+
Printable resolution dpi 300
Print width up to mm 216
Print speed up to mm/s 150

C version
For printing on labels and continuous material.
The material is torn off at the jagged tear-off edge. Optionally, it may be cut or rewound externally.
Dispensing version
For printing and dispensing labels. The label is removed from the liner during the printing process. It can be removed manually, by applicator or robot.

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